Website As A Service

We’re noticing a trend in the business world at the moment. Content Management Systems have been around for years, and many people are familiar with the usage of various operating systems.

However, more and more, we’ve come across businesses who don’t WANT to manage their own website. They want that to be somebody elses problem.

So as of 2016, we’ve started offering websites as a managed service.

This could be a low-maintenance operation, with a few updates a year – OR – as often happens – businesses want us to become more involved and take ownership of a particular avenue of operation.

If it’s content you want, we have partners who write for publications such as TES. We work with PR companies who handle huge brands and festivsals too – so we’ve got the content and social side down.

This is all centered around your website – and we strive to keep it current, and make sure that visitor journeys are designed with one goal.

To buy.

Whatever that means to you – it might be engagement, or it might be to purchase a product.

Let us know what you need below.

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