Marketing Automation Intelligence

We’re believers in “Marketing Automation Intelligence” – giving unique content to customers based on their actions.

To put it another way – it’s a personalized experience based upon how they interact with your website and emails.

Let’s say you send out an email newsletter, and 1,000 people receive it.

They don’t all respond in the same way. So why would you follow up with every individual in the same way? Why would you send out the next email to the same people and expect different results?

That’s where we come in.

What magic is this?

We implement tools to research how your customers interact, and whilst doing so, we begin to segment them into groups based on their activity.

Because we can start to view individuals in this way, it allows us to start to correspond with them in different ways.

Further more – we can start to see what they do when they visit your website. So when somebody visits your site, and views a certain section, we’d either:

Already know who they are, because they’ve interacted with you before


Try to persuade them to give you their information so we can track them in future.

Once we have their information – we can tailor marketing campaigns to them specifically – AUTOMATICALLY

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