CRM Systems

Increase customer intimacy by keeping close track of conversations and consumer journeys.

Manage touchpoints in an intelligent way, and monitor success.

We identify the best systems to use for YOUR business and customize the capabilities in order to:


  • Track all communications with customers
  • Improve customer insights from any interaction
  • Track the entire lifecycle from product, campaign to sales and how people use their version of the product
  • Better measure impact of marketing activities
  • Track internal sales performance metrics
  • Track customer issues

The systems we build allow your business to view its customer data related to:

  • Individual contact history
  • Account (B2B) history
  • Opportunities related to the above
  • The assets they already have (buying history)
  • The campaigns the have engaged with
  • The products they are interested in


These KPIs track the performance of campaign, sales activity and customer satisfaction:

  1. Campaigns to opportunities
  2. Opportunities to meetings
  3. Meetings to Conversions
  4. Feedback scores
  5. Time to resolution with cases/issues


Further capabilities that can be built are:

  • Further segmentation through groups
  • Targeted email campaigns that track all online engagement / website views
  • Email campaigns that deliver specific reports to specific people from data
  • Tie campaigns to website
  • Automate marketing loops