charity websites
From £3299 I’ve been involved in the build and hosting of a few charity websites over the years: Working To Recovery Intervoice Hearing Voices Cymru I think a couple of those have had modifications/redesigns over the last 6 years, which I wasn’t involved with, as I didn’t bid on the […]

From £499 It’s no secret that I have quite a lot to do with all things music. From playing in bands, to recording them, and sometimes getting them on radio or onto TV shows. Most people say there’s no money in the music industry. That’s absolute rubbish. HOWEVER. What IS […]

Special Offer – £500. (Normally £999) This week I built a website for a brand new venture in Mummy Blogging – Nice Normal Family. There’s a couple of tweaks left to do until they launch properly, but what I really liked is how excited they are about having the perfect […]